Raffy, “Hall duty is a role where you encourage people to eat their dinner and if they do so we reward them with stickers. These stickers have encouraged a huge improvement from when we introduced them to now. I have more and more people coming to me with empty plates everyday. It’s so amazing how much they have grown.”
Serenna, “The games duck, duck, goose and hide and seek help children who sometimes don’t have anyone to play with. The PALS will invite them to play these games with other children which then helps them form new friendships. Their confidence grows each day asking others to play with them. It is amazing how their courage builds.”
Willow, “PALS is for making sure the younger children are happy at lunch times and to help them make friends.”
Freddie, “When we are on door duty, we make sure that children are all safe. We make sure children can get in and out and make sure they aren’t on their own without an adult. We help them zip their coats up and encourage them to. It is a great job to see them together with their friends.”
Mason, “On hall duty, you have to make sure the young ones don’t run. You can give out stickers to the children that finish their whole plate and even help the adults mop and clean up. It’s amazing and so fun to do.”
“When on PALS we are outside with the little kids playing with them and also encouraging them to make new friends. We try to get them to play with kids they have not met before especially in Reception children. They create new friendships becoming more independent each day. It is really fun to watch their bonds grow.”