School Council

Aims of the School Council


  • 1.To make our school a happy place for everyone.
  • 2.To help people in our community.
  • 3.To help all the children in our school have a voice.
  • 4.To help protect the environment.
  • 5.To help all our children make healthy choices.


Why do children like being on our School Council?

“Being on the School Council is great because there are lots of opportunities to stand up and talk in assembly. It makes you feel fantastic to know you are helping a good cause. It is a lot of responsibility, but is still fun. I have been on the council for 2 years as a Pupil Parliament Rep and I think it has helped my confidence. I would recommend that any child in our school has a go at trying for School Council Rep.” (Year 6 Rep)

“Being on the School Council is a chance to be like a teacher and make decisions about what we do in school.” (Year 4 Rep)

“Sometimes it was nerve racking being on the School Council and talking in meetings. But I felt good after I had done it.” (Year 2 Rep)

“I found being on the School Council exciting because I felt important.” (Year 3 Rep)

“I liked asking my class for opinions and decisions about our school. Writing letters about our Guide Dog charity and standing up in assemblies was an important job for me to do on the School Council.” (Year 5 Rep)

“I like being on the School Council because I like meeting at lunchtimes and getting together with the other Reps. I was very pleased when I was chosen by my class to be their Rep. It has been a joy to help make decisions.” Year 5 Rep.

Our school council – Audio Introduction