School Aims

1) To create an environment that is happy, stimulating and industrious; one in which children can acquire the skills, knowledge and concepts relevant to their future.

Ofsted 2014 ‘Teachers and other support staff have very good relationships with the pupils and lessons are conducted in an atmosphere of respect and trust. Pupils clearly enjoy learning because teachers set tasks which usually capture their interests.’ ‘The curriculum is rich and varied providing a wide range of experiences both in and out of school. There are good links between subjects.’

) To help our children become reliable and responsible pupils who are resourceful and developing in independence.

Ofsted 2014 ‘Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is promoted well. Pupils are taught to value and respect each other…’

3) To help children develop a tolerant and caring attitude, showing respect and understanding of others.

Ofsted 2014 ‘Pupils are very supportive of each other and show kindness and respect to staff and visitors.They are polite and well-mannered in the dining room, in classrooms and when they play together outside.’​

4) To establish a friendly and trusting relationship between home and school so that we may work together for the good of the children.

Ofsted 2014 ‘The behaviour of pupils is good.’ ‘There are consistent systems in place to promote good behaviour which pupils understand. Pupils and their parents say that behaviour in school is good.’

(A parent) “My child is so keen to learn and being in school is made pleasurable by such a wealth of activities”

Stanah Primary School Motto

Learning and laughter go hand in hand!