School Ethos & Values

Our Ethos & Values

Stanah is a school where all stakeholders unite together with a passion and commitment to raise our school to be the central hub of the local community. Participation, motivation and engagement will inspire the Stanah family to enrich and enhance the lives of the children to reach their potential. The diverse curriculum will challenge the children through vibrant and colourful activities so that they are active, creative and collaborative. Staff will know their reality and will be intrinsically motivated to lead by example and drive their own professional development forward to ensure that the school is evolving alongside our ever changing society.
Our Rules are:

  • Work hard
  •  Be kind

We have 5 values which underpin each of the school rules.

Work hard- Ambition, Resilience, Adaptability, Inquisitiveness and Enthusiasm Be kind- Respect, Understanding, Helpfulness, Forgiveness, Caring

The children learn about the values, which weave through the whole curriculum and ethos of the school. The children are rewarded through certificates (Stanah Superstar) and post cards home from the Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher.