What is the PTFA and what is it for?

PTFA stands for Parents, Teachers and Friends Association. Our primary purpose is to raise funds for extras. That is those items which fall outside the educational budget but are necessary or desirable for the children’s development and the general wellbeing of the school.

Who is in the PTFA?

We all are! We are all parents and teachers, after all! There is a committee which organises the events and we, the committee, would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join us. As children leave school, so do their parents and we always need volunteers to join the committee to keep the PTFA viable. There is more information about how you can help us at the end of this letter.

What sort of things does the PTFA give to the school?

Some examples of items we have donated are:


  • Leavers books for year 6 children
  • Crackers and presents for the children’s Christmas parties.
  • Sports equipment
  • Footballs
  • Netball equipment
  • Sports uniform
  • Matching sports kit and shell embroidered with the school’s name.
  • Whiteboards
  • Junior playground equipment
  • Digital Camera
  • The school website,
  • Material for learning experience sessions e.g., handicraft materials



You will see that we have some recurring commitments as well as some major projects. The junior playground equipment cost approximately £8,000. Our next big project is to provide playground equipment for the infants. We would like to install a trim trail type course with a safe surface and seating and shaded areas and a fence to protect it all. This will probably cost in the region of £8,000 too.

How does the PTFA raise funds?

Throughout the year we organise fun events for the children and some for the whole family. below is a list of typical events.


  • Disco’s (appropriately themed) for infants and juniors separately (one each per term)
  • Infant Halloween party with games
  • Easter and Christmas bingo for all the family
  • Hot dog lunches for the children (one per term)
  • The Big Bash
  • An evening summer fete held in July for all the family. Fairground & party games, disco, food and drink. Big Bash raffle.



What can I do to help?

There are 3 ways you can help us:


  • Participation – support us by allowing your children to attend their events and join in with the family events: the bingo and the big bash. This contributes directly to our fundraising and they are also enjoyable social events.
  • Event Helper – we always need help with our events to do things like serve tea & coffee, make hot dogs, run stalls at the Big Bash, organise games…
  • Committee Member – we organise the events and make sure we do not spend more than we raise! The committee members are all parents like you; mums and dads. Our only qualification is that we have a child at the school. We always need new members to replace those whose children have left school.



How do I join the PTFA committee?

Just ask! You can contact the PTFA committee by email at at any time for more information. We also hold an informal open evening early in the Autumn term where we can answer any questions over a glass of wine – or beer if you prefer. The committee is not a club for a select few, we didn’t know each other before joining, so please don’t be afraid to come along and meet us. At any other time, send us an email or ask your class teacher or the school office.

Why should I join the PTFA?

We on the committee have joined because we believe we make a difference in providing the children with those things that they wouldn’t otherwise have. We also enjoy doing it – come and join in the fun!