Eco work


Who we are and what we do.

At Stanah School the mighty Eco Warriors (in conjunction with Eco Schools and the Pod) are always on the look out to see what we can do to help the planet by looking after our local and school environments. Every class from years 2-6 has an Eco-warrior, who comes to half termly meetings to discuss what we can do to help make people more aware of how we can work together alongside residents form the local community to help raise awareness. On a weekly basis the children are very busy collecting paper recycling bins from around our school and completing litter picking sessions to keep our school grounds litter free! Gardening club has already had a huge impact on our school grounds. Bug hotels, bedding plants, and harvesting of fruit and vegetables encourage different species to reside within our gardens not only providing conservation for the wild invertebrates but also allowing an opportunity for pupils to learn and explore! Maintenance is continuing via class pupils until the Gardening club is up and running once again in the Spring term.  We welcome community support to help enrich our school grounds – if you have spare time or resources to donate, please contact the Eco Schools leader, Mrs Thompson.

Each class has a team of Eco warriors who are passionate about making sure the environment is clean and cared for. They are vigilant about the use of utilities and encourage others to take responsibility as well.


Meet our Eco Warriors


Stanley Davies 3L

“I wanted to be in the Eco Committee because I wanted to be in something I was interested in. I found the Eco Committee and so I picked it.”


Millie Huggard 4H

“I like the Eco committee because I like the world and conserving animals.

I want to keep our environment healthy.”


Lucy Huggard 6S

“I would like to join the Eco Committee because I would like to keep the school clean and healthy and look after it. Plus, I have not been on Eco Committee before.”


Cienna Durrant 3H

“I joined the Eco committee because I like to have a nice environment in the school. I wanted to help the world be free of litter.”


Emmy Webster 6DT

“I wanted to be in the Eco committee because I would want the school to be clean and to make sure that the environment is clean. Also because that way I can make sure people can recycle so we don’t have to cut trees down so we can breathe. Another reason is so we can spot people when they litter so then we can tell them to put it in the bin. As an Eco committee member I want to make sure that people turn off lights and taps.”


Harrison Prince 5M

“I would like to help the school and also I like nature such as helping animals, growing healthy plants, looking after the environment. I like doing duties for the school and picking up litter. My ambition would be to stop pollution and also stop people dropping litter.”


Macey Taylor 4BP

“I want to be in the Eco committee because I love planting flowers and making nature beautiful. I want to help keep animals alive by teaching the community about keeping our environment free from rubbish. We can recycle and re-use bottles and other things which helps keep birds and other animals healthy.”


George Ewing 5R

“I want to be an Eco warrior because I want to help save the world, I want to motivate people to not litter. I love animals and I want to help keep their homes safe and free from pollution.”


Eco Schools Bronze Award

Stanah Primary have been commended for their environmental friendliness and how the school reduce waste by following the Eco Schools programme. The award recognised how we teach Eco lessons as part of our rich curriculum and implement strategies to encourage the children to reduce out carbon footprint.

As a result of the children’s hard work and thoughtfulness, we have achieved the Eco Schools Bronze Award! Well done team Stanah and the Eco Committee!

Our next target will be to achieve the silver Eco award.


Stanah School Eco Code: The Eco committee have worked together to create an Eco code for all to embrace and act upon. This will be displayed on our Eco Schools board based in the KS2 hall. Here you will also be able to keep up to date with upcoming events, have a read of our ‘Procurement Policy’ and give suggestions to aid our journey towards the Silver Eco Schools award.


At Stanah we keep it green,

We are all environmentally keen.

Reducing waste is the thing to do,

Walking to school is good for you!

Reduce, re-use, recycle your refuse,

It’s time for us to choose.

Time is running out,

Let’s not mess about.

Reduce re-use recycle!

Educate yourself – How electricity travels to your home.  link above – not sure how to create a live link on website.


The Pod website has lots of useful links to be Eco aware. Play these games and educate your family too. Play switch off game. Recycling game


Our next project…

Please encourage your child/children to take part too!