Breakfast & After School Club

Here are the forms for registering and bookings for breakfast and After school clubs.

********** The All New Stanah Clubs **********

The Breakfast & After School club is now moving in- house and being run by school and our staff. You will recognise their faces from before. If you are interested in a place at either, please complete the registration and booking forms in the posts below and return to the school office by Monday 12th July 2021. I have attached an advert so you can see the type of activities that the children take part in. We are going to make sure that there is an interesting variety, including:

Art & Craft


Outdoor games


Board games

Construction (lego etc, not a building site!!)


and theme sessions at ASClubA healthy breakfast and afternoon snack is also provided.

Registration Pack Breakfast and After School Clubs

Breakfast and After School Club Booking form