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  • Class Dojo: Keep informed about your child's behaviour and classroom activites by joining our classDojo family. If you haven't signed up or have lost your details, please ask your child's class teacher to reissue them.
  • Google Expeditions: On wednesday 1st March Stanah recieved a visit from google expeditions. This was a virtual reality event that allowed the children to explore new and exiting places without ever leaving the classroom. Listening to some of the children's comments in the pupils Interview section.
  • Stanah is 360 E-Safty accredited!
  • E-Safety Competition 2017: Meet Stanahman our new online safety mascot created by Haydn. Stanahman helps protect children online and encorages all children to think carefully before they act in the virtual world. Thank you to all children who entered the competition and remember to stay safe online!


From the Head Teacher

At Stanah Primary School we want all our children to enjoy their time in school and feel safe and secure. We hope that by the time they leave the school they have developed the necessary skills and attitudes which they will need as they go through life.

We recognise how important it is to try and provide children with an environment which is stimulating, caring and supportive, and one which meets the needs of every individual. The children are encouraged wherever possible to be independent and responsible, as we believe this then leads to developing self-confidence as well as a respect for the opinions of others.
We try to provide the children with as wide a range of learning activities as possible with the emphasis on developing the individual through a carefully planned curriculum. We also offer an extensive range of extra-curricular activities, recognising how important these opportunities can be in helping to develop fully rounded individuals.

We believe however, that in order for children to achieve their best there needs to be a really positive co-operation between home and school. Indeed we really value the relationships that exist between home and school and seek to involve the parents as much as possible not just in their child’s education but in the work of the school generally.

We do encourage you to let us know if you have any concerns or worries or simply are not sure about something. Finally, on behalf of all those involved in our school I would like to warmly welcome you into our school community.

Mr H M Clough
Head Teacher

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School Guardians

An introduction from our school guardians.